Blue Jacket, Inc. was created in 2003 to address critical and unmet needs for people wanting to earn their second chance, and a refresher on their career.  

Blue Jacket provides training, employment and vocational direction to people in the greater Fort Wayne/Allen County region that possess any barrier to employment.  Our mission is to provide adult ex-offenders and other disadvantaged candidates to employment with the tools and opportunities to become productive members of society.  

Restoring hope and confidence in a person carrying the burden of guilt is our priority while we develop job seeking, on-the-job, and vocational skills.  This largely happens through our 4-week Career Academy training.  The path of self-sufficiency begins when our clients are intrinsically affixed to doing what is right, then employment follows.  And Transitional Jobs work.  

Blue Jacket’s goals are: 

  1. To fill a gap in workforce services for adult felony ex-offenders by better equipping those without skills or experience for today’s workforce and by facilitating the earning back of trust and independence, and 
  2. To provide real transitional job opportunities for a rapid attachment to the labor market. We achieve these goals through our Career Academy and Opportunity Staffing programs.

Our Vision:  Blue Jacket provides job readiness and job placement services that will transform adult ex-offenders and other hard-to-employ individuals in Allen County and surrounding regions into productive members of society. Our vision is to accomplish this by strategic partnerships, a well-developed, positive local reputation, and constant expansion of our services. Blue Jacket will have a diversified fundraising and entrepreneurial model to self-sustain and increase services to our graduates with the end result being meaningful employment and increased life skills.

Our address is 2826 South Calhoun, Fort Wayne, IN 46807.  This incredible building is four times the size of our former location, and has offered great opportunity for Blue Jacket to provide more training and client microenterprise opportunities.