"“I would truly like to thank you for the opportunity to continue to grow and mature in life. My criminal history still haunts me, but you and this Academy allow me to have a second chance at a good career. I humbly thank you!” "

Charles - 2014 Career Academy Graduate

""You are the best! It takes character to do what you do and I really want to thank you. Now I am accountable to you and I must succeed. I will complete this program. I will find a job. I will stay clean and sober. I will give back. I will volunteer to help someone else. And I will always be grateful to you.""

Carl - 2014 Career Academy Graduate

""With my deepest and most sincere appreciation, I say thank you for this chance to acquire skills that I lacked for 65 years. Now with this opportunity I can honestly say I have a chance to break the cycle! I am sincerely grateful and appreciative for your generosity and compassion!""

James - 2014 Career Academy Graduate

"Blue Jacket believed in me and helped boost my self-confidence; which helped with my self-esteem. Care, dedication and sincerity are at the core of the staff who work for Blue Jacket. Today life in general is positive; my life is in a positive and healthy place."

Gretchen - 2012 Career Academy Graduate

"When I walked into Blue Jacket, I thought it was just another thing to satisfy the courts. Once I got involved, I realized it was a turning point for me. It wasn’t necessarily the book work as it was the overall attitude and the willingness of the Blue Jacket staff that helped with my attitude. I can’t express enough of how Blue Jacket has helped me with my self confidence. The staff and program gave me a sense of belonging, and they treat everyone equally. Blue Jacket put me in a situation where I wasn’t alone. I found there were others in the room who were like me and were facing some of the same issues. I used to keep things inside until everything boiled over; I was ashamed. Now, I can express myself and talk about the felony."

David - 2012 Career Academy Graduate

"Blue Jacket helped to make me a better person. Having a felony at 28 years old was a horrible feeling – thinking I would have that on my record for the rest of my life. What was I going to do? Then, Blue Jacket happened and I earned a second chance. Blue Jacket allowed me to learn how to turn my negative (felony) into a positive."

Tiffany - 2011 Career Academy Graduate

"Blue Jacket helped me find value in myself and gave me more self confidence. I’ve also learned that just because I have a record, I don’t have to live my life according to that record. Blue Jacket taught me that when new people meet you, they should never be able to guess that you have a felony. You should carry yourself in a way that they would be shocked to find out. I’ve also learned to speak up for myself and no longer compromise my beliefs."

Kristi - 2012 Career Academy Graduate

"Before the Career Academy, I thought I knew everything about the interview process, resumes and applications. However, after numerous attempts and failures of obtaining a job, I realized I knew nothing about how to present myself to an employer regarding my criminal offense. Blue Jacket encouraged me to face my offense and I learned how to present that in an honest and effective way. Blue Jacket helped me with my confidence and how to truly take responsibility."

Thomas - 2011 Career Academy Graduate

"I personally feel everyone deserves a second chance in life. I love seeing how some of these people's entire lives are turned around by someone believing in them and giving them a job. It’s a feeling you can’t describe knowing you played a small part in their new journey. "

Ginger (HR Manager who employs Career Academy graduates)

"To be successful you have to have tools, understanding and the right attitude. Blue Jacket helps to furnish those things. At Blue Jacket you are surrounded by people who help you gain that confidence, can help through difficult times, let you know that you are not the only one that has made bad decisions and there is a good life after those decisions have been made."

Tammy - 2011 Career Academy Graduate

"Blue Jacket provides a reliable resource for ex-offenders, who have been released from the DOC looking to be re-acclimated into society for a second chance. I too was recently released from the DOC, lost and feeling hopeless, and just bad about myself. But once I enrolled in the BJI program, I saw light at the end of the tunnel. I assure you if you remain focused and really apply yourself at Blue Jacket you will receive the tools that lead you to a reliable source of income. Because of Blue Jacket, for the past four months I have been a full-time employee for Chipotle’s Mexican Grill. I am also now in management training. I am ecstatic, joyful, happy, and pleased with the outcome I received from the BJI training. I feel like I now have a direction in life. I am very thankful for the opportunity."

Robert - 2010 Career Academy Graduate

"The opportunity, knowledge, friendship and networking is just what I needed. This program gave me a sense of purpose. I feel as if I had the chance to really grow from deep inside myself. I encourage others to attend Blue Jacket. I have my confidence and courage back thanks to Blue Jacket."

Bryant - 2011 Career Academy Graduate

"I thank Blue Jacket so much; they do believe in giving people second chances. They believe in building trust and effort, and they are willing to help out and go out of their way to make sure they help us in any way they can."

Maria - 2010 Career Academy Graduate

"The Blue Jacket organization as a whole is phenomenal. This is the first group of people who really care about my well-being and who are willing to take the time to offer me the tools to better my life. I not only learned things about how to market myself as an employee, but I also learned about me as a person…I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to attend Blue Jacket on a scholarship. Without the contributions of those who believe in the core of this program, I would not have been able to understand just how valuable the Career Academy really is. I cannot express enough of what this experience means to me."

Kevin - 2012 Career Academy Graduate