For Donors

What is a donor? A person who gives!

There are many ways to give to Blue Jacket. We value any expression of generosity, small or great. If you have a desire to give of your time, your talents, or your treasure, your gift will help support a mission that is changing lives.

If "time" or "talent" is something that you'd rather contribute, click here.

If "treasure" is your gift, you might consider giving a scholarship to cover a client's tuition to the Career Academy, or underwriting the cost of one of our building improvement projects that needs to be funded. You could sponsor one of our many events.   If you have treasure in the form of a clothing donation, we'll put your clothes to great use by giving them to a client who is eager for a second chance.

These opportunities involve treasure, and we would be honored to be a recipient of your generosity. If you are interested in any of these opportunities to give, contact our accounting manager, Kurt Kline at (260) 744-1900, or via email at

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Find out why it is important to donate to Blue Jacket, where your money will be spent, and how to donate.

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