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Trust takes time and effort to gain back. Transitional employees of Blue Jacket Staffing and Blue Jacket staff understands this.  See how we've applied this to our alternative staffing business model. 

The Right Opportunity for Your Business

It is the mission of Blue Jacket, Inc. to provide training and opportunities to any disadvantaged person who is striving for gainful employment. Our commitment and dedication to this mission do not end when candidates complete and graduate our Career Academy.

Blue Jacket offers individuals as temporary or transitional placements through our Alternative Staffing Enterprise entitled Blue Jacket Staffing, a d.b.a. of Blue Jacket, Inc. This enterprise enables an employer to "try before you buy," while the Blue Jacket client continues their pursuit of a career, not just a job.  

This arrangement lowers your risk as an employer. It also can save you money if you have a high turnover rate or lack the time to select new employees on your own: By helping reduce your cost per hire, we can become an effective and ongoing recruiting partner.

By providing our clients a second chance in life, Blue Jacket Staffing gives you access to a candidate pool that is uniquely motivated. And, by requiring candidates to complete Blue Jacket’s rigorous, comprehensive 40-hour Career Academy, Blue Jacket Staffing provides you candidates that are sufficiently qualified to make an immediate and valuable impact on your business and its bottom line.

Why work with Blue Jacket Staffing?

This isn’t simply about providing a person a second chance in life, after all. It has to make sense for your business and your organization. Here’s how hiring from Blue Jacket Staffing works for you:

  • Competitive Rates. We’re an efficient, lean office. We work hard to keep our overhead and costs down. Doing so helps us keep the rates we offer you competitive and attractive.
  • No Conversion Fees. We charge no fees when you convert temp hires to your payroll. After all, our mission at Blue Jacket is to find stable positions for our Career Academy graduates and help them work toward careers and a better life. If you make that possible by hiring a Blue Jacket Staffing employee, we don’t charge you a fee. We simply say thank you.

Transitional Work Crews

If your needs are larger or more seasonal in nature, we offer transitional/temporary work crews for hire as well. We’ve provided temporary work crews for construction of seasonal displays, change-overs for events, lawn maintenance, and clean-up. These arrangements give us a solid, real-world perspective of the candidate’s work ethic, character and motivation before we make an individual placement. And it gives you a hard-working crew to help you get your time-sensitive work done fast and right.

Employer Benefits

What’s in it for you? Providing a second chance to a person is a great thing, but working with Blue Jacket Staffing should make sense for you, too. That’s why Blue Jacket Staffing offers a wealth of potential benefits to companies just like yours:

  • Comprehensive Training. Each Blue Jacket Staffing candidate is a product of Blue Jacket’s intensive, comprehensive Career Academy. Each candidate learns all aspects of preparing for and keeping a job, along with the requisite life skills to successfully rejoin society. Only those dedicated enough to complete are available to you.
  • Consistent, Disciplined Selection Process. Our clients spend 60 hours going through our
  • Career Academy, which gives our staff the time to get to know them well. Do other staffing firms know their candidates that well?
  • Position Assessment. Our assessment process helps ensure you’re getting the right people for the right positions, based on skill, experience, and need. We can match candidates with a wide variety of positions from entry-level to clerical to creative. It all depends on your specific needs.
  • Strategic Partnership. We work with a host of nonprofit and governmental agencies to assist our clients. This means each Blue Jacket Staffing candidate is backed by a growing, healthy support network. The partnerships form a positive structure and framework for our candidates and form well prepared potential employees for you.
  • Background Checks and Drug Testing. Our name and our mission are on the line with each candidate. That’s why we make absolutely sure each one is qualified and prepared for placement.
  • Bonded Employees. We offer a Federal Fidelity Bond with each employee, a free additional level of security and assurance when you provide a second chance through Blue Jacket Staffing.
  • Mentoring. Our support team, including a job developer and other staff, follow up to make sure you are satisfied with your employee(s) and the work provided.
  • Ongoing Involvement. If you aren’t satisfied or don’t believe our candidate matched your position, we may be able to offer you a replacement candidate on a free, four-hour trial basis.

If you are an employer interested in Blue Jacket Staffing, please Contact Us.

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This page will provide Blue Jacket clients and graduates with a snapshot of Blue Jacket Staffing and eligibility requirements to use our staffing agency.  Graduates will be directed to our job board for current openings.

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