Office Space

Blue Jacket Inc. received an incredible campus donation on Calhoun Street.  This has offered many opportunities to bless our partners, graduates, and other tenants with providing our resources at very low rates.

Thankfully, our rates and benefits are very attractive.  Located a short walk from many restaurants and businesses, and just a few blocks from downtown, this office space is in a prime location on a main bus line.

Blue Jacket is offering affordable office space to encourage the flourishing of freelancers, start-up businesses, and others who could benefit from a shared workspace.

Full service lease includes:
1. Parking, restrooms, kitchen space
2. Office cleaning service
3. Access to conference rooms, classrooms and kitchen
4. Business-class Internet access from Comcast
5. Security / Secure entrance
6. Wall to wall carpet

- Tenant will need his/her own insurance company to name us as additionally insured under his policy.
- We will pay for the office sign (the small black sign next to office door).
- Tenant will have to pay for the sign on the Calhoun Street facing Facade (approx $100) if they wish to be identified from the road.
- Tenant will need his/her own phone service because of our high volume of calls.

Office Space is based on square footage. Some offices are available for as low as $50/month. Others are $100 and $150/month with all of the above amenities included.

Interested applicants who choose to fill out an application will need to bring business information, proof of insurance and contact information for four references.

To set up an appointment to walk through the space, please call Tina Shull at 744-1900 for the time when space is made available.

Also of note, Blue Jacket is launching an incubator for barbers and beauticians, as well as online marketing sales for graduates of Blue Jacket who are entrepreneurial in their gifting and just need a little assistance in getting started.  These spaces are almost completely built out, but a few more funds need to be raised to get them launched so that our entrepreneurs can start generating income.  Our barbers and beauticians will have a steady stream of clients because we here at Blue Jacket always want to look our best.

If you are willing to support this venture in any way, please contact Tony Hudson at 260.744.1900, and be sure to mention "incubator."