Once you complete Blue Jacket’s 2-week Career Academy (meant for anyone who has a barrier to employment) or our 3-week Adapted Career Academy (geared toward those with disabilities), you are then eligible for our Blue Jacket Staffing service, which gives employers access to our qualified candidates. We are also able to employ our graduates transitionally at the Blue Jacket Clothing Co., which is a build-out thrift-style business professional and casual clothing store. We have found that sometimes those that possess barriers require an ability to work in-house and gain a wage and experience as they regain their footing. Once stable, Blue Jacket's enterprises are designed to be transitional, moving clients into a career. See below for more detail on our services.

The Career Academy

The Career Academy is a two-week, 40-hour training program that provides job readiness training. As a result of graduating the academy, Blue Jacket provides transitional jobs, job placements, and pre- and post-placement services including education, skills and interest assessments, and personal and professional development.

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Adapted Career Academy

The Adapted Career Academy (ACA) is a three-week, 45-hour training program designed for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. An ACA class is held every month. Successful completion of the Adapted Career Academy will make a student eligible for Blue Jacket Staffing. A variety of employment options are available depending on needs and preferences.

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Clothing Store

Blue Jacket's clothing store augments the Career Academy clothing bank.. This build-out venture allows us to make business professional clothing available to the surrounding community at deeply discounted prices, with all proceeds going to support the mission of Blue Jacket! It also allows us to employ our graduates transitionally. We have stories at 2826 S. Calhoun St., and in the Coldwater Crossing Shopping Plaza.

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Blue Jacket Staffing

Blue Jacket Staffing gives employers access to qualified candidates who are extremely motivated. Our goal for the candidate is to make an immediate and valuable impact on your business. We price compare to other staffing firms and balance the goal of providing the best service. Fees are not applied when employees transition from temporary to permanent.

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I personally feel everyone deserves a second chance in life. I love seeing how some of these people's entire lives are turned around by someone believing in them and giving them a job. It’s a feeling you can’t describe knowing you played a small part in their new journey.
Ginger | HR Manager who employs Career Academy graduates