Career Academy

We enroll anyone with a barrier to employment.

If you, or someone you know, lacks education, employment, housing, transportation, work experience, or even possesses a disability, mental illness, or addiction, we are the right resource to begin to rebuild hope.  No "eligibility barriers" are placed on you.  

Blue Jacket Inc.’s pre-employment training just hit 17 years in existence and is called the Career Academy, a soft skill training meant to prepare people for the world of work and boasts an 80% employment rate and a 78% retention rate one year later.  Blue Jacket, Inc. created the Adapted Career Academy last year serving adults with disabilities and is seeing great success. 

This intensive pre-employment training builds capacity for jobseekers as much as it acts as a screening and preparation tool for employers.  The training is taught in a two-week curriculum at 20-hours per week.  This curriculum enforces the foundation for both getting and keeping employment.  Students create direction through accountability exercises, skills and assessments, and learn to become marketable by learning how to write a resume, apply for jobs, interview, and practice for workplace expectations with practical on-the-job activities, time management, goal setting and communication. 

The training is “intensive” because attendance and dress code rules are strict and simulate the expectations of a real employer. A business professional dress code allows clients the opportunity to present themselves in a professional, sophisticated fashion, which fosters a sense of pride and esteem.  These traits transfer directly to the job search and interviews where such qualities are advantageous and highly desirable by employers.

Objectives of the Career Academy include:

  • Identifying skills and abilities
  • Making a good first impression
  • Improving job search strategies
  • Discovering new career options
  • Completing employment applications
  • Building a resume and cover letter and including references
  • Mock interviews with professionals from the greater Fort Wayne community

Successful completion of the Career Academy will make a student eligible for Blue Jacket Staffing.

How to Enroll into the Career Academy?

Visit us at 2826 South Calhoun Street or contact us at 260-744-1900 to enroll in the Career Academy.

Before the Career Academy, I thought I knew everything about the interview process, resumes and applications. However, after numerous attempts and failures of obtaining a job, I realized I knew nothing about how to present myself to an employer regarding my criminal offense. Blue Jacket encouraged me to face my offense and I learned how to present that in an honest and effective way. Blue Jacket helped me with my confidence and how to truly take responsibility.
Thomas | 2011 Career Academy Graduate